Animation_Stop Motion

This week I made stop motion with Norf and Sejo. We made a interesting story of an apple. ejo. We made a interesting story of an apple.    

Pcom Uncontrallable

During this week Jixuan and I keep working on our Project” UNCONTROLLABLE”.  Mist is a special carrier, it could transfer the static pic into dynamic and the 2D pattern into 3D pattern, for that itself stand the state of changing. In this project, mist is uncontrallable , same the plaster, we built the sculpture let…

Pcom midterm proposal

I love the power of nature. From two years ago , I tried to express the life force of nature and the relationship between human and nature through my work. I like nature element: the changing shape of sunlight, the mystery voice of plant and the unpredictability of water. I have tried to work with…

ICM Week_7

This week I start to learn about the combination of HTML,CSS and JS. There is a looooot of fresh information for me .I wish that I can handle them step by step.      

Pcom week_5

In last Friday,the exciting synthesis, I first connect the Arduino with P5 successfully. I worked with Yihan ,creating this tiny P5 game,mimi’s car.

ICM week_5

This week I learn to create array. Drawing object and array  is a logical thinking change to me, anyway I like writing P5.  

Senior design week_4

This week I call it ” challenge week” which means that we need to polish our challenge again and again. First version: to make social engagement more older-friendly. Second version: to make social engagement more older-friendly towards finding hobby mates. Third version: to facilitate the physical interaction through digital technology Forth version: to create more…

Senior design week_3

This week we have a field trip to see the combination of technology and senior. In the trip, i was inspired by the idea that senior do not want to be classified as old. We have some insight in the past two weeks and this trip is a kind of test what we might think…

Pcom week_4 temp’s motion pic

This week my target goal is “analogWrite”. Before making this week’s project, I create circuits using pushbutton, photocell,RGB led and serving to get familiar with these sensor and resistance. This week project called” visual temperature”. I try to visualize the temperature by using TMP36 temperature sensor for inputing and RGB led ,servo for output. Then…

ICM week_4

This week I try to make the object and the array. The hardest part for me is to get familiar with this coding way. I have tried serial times to adjust to it. Last week I have made an universe shining stars run around the sun and I still want more stars running in a…