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This week I made five shelvings that could change the shape itself. They could be total same as each other or different from each other.


At first, I did the calculation and the result is I need 100 pieces wood in 40mm long  and 9.37mm wide. So I brought two pieces wood board and cut them into 100 pieces. To guarantee the same width of each wood piece, I set the stop brick into one piece width and cut them one by one.


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Then I do the sanding and sanding for 100 pieces of wood is really a fantastic experience.


After sanding  the face of wood I start to drill hole on the wood. The hardest part of it is to guarantee every time I would drill on the same place when there are 50 holes I need to deal with. The solution of this is that use two pieces wood to set the location.



Then I do sanding inside and aroud the hole. And next is to stick them together. I use the wood glue to make them together and a piece of wood as axis enable these units could rotate themselves.



Then I made the button of them then I finish.


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  1. Ben Light says:

    Nice work. I hate to share this with you, but there is something called square dowel:

    I think this would have saved you a lot of time on the bandsaw.

    Great documentation, like your set up on the drill press. Did you buy your own clamps?

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