How to define the real and fake

In <F for Fake> I could feel the dialectical thinking behind the story itself about how to define the value and real. In this movie, the art forger Elmer, a genius, and the rogue, making the fake art pieces but showing individual talent.So what is the boundary between fake and real? In some degree, the…

Senior design_week 6

This week is the making week. We make user flow, prototype and interface mockups, then bring these back to the senior center and show to seniors to get feedback.  

Senior design_ week 5

This is the challenge week. We find the challenge through the former research. Then find the solution “Emoji Night” to our challenge.  

Animation_After Effect

Juiet is the composition  of Bryan, Danni and I. Tell the story about a man who feel desperate for his wife’s death and want to drop his life by falling down ,however, saved by an angle.  

ICM Final

This is a combination effect of Yihan and I. The idea is use the mobile itself as the human behaviour holder such as use  finger as the thing to clean the pan, use  cellphone as the pan to fry egg, use the cellphone as the pepper bottle to shake out peppers and use the cellphone…

ICM_Week 8

This is a API week. I use the weather api and make a harmonograph weather in which the variable of curve will change as the weather change.

Pcom Final Interspecturm

Part 1. Fabrication This form shows what we need to do in the fabrication process which takes much time in the whole process. I have posted some in the fabrication category. Part2. Circuit connection The challenge in this part is the power provided for three servos. In order to guarantee three servos rotate smoothy the…