Blockchains, honesty, I still feel confused about it after I read these articles. In my mind, blockchain is a kind of integration, based on the participation of people in the different process but in the same system. Through blockchain technology, the data could show its value, it could be gathered, calculated, analyzed and then go through the redistribution.I am not sure whether I have the right understanding of blockchains, it seems a physical dynamic network and a big data analysis, not for predict, but for applying.

However, I still have some questions about the article, no matter the bitcoins or others with similarities, what or who is the standard judgment behind them. Although they do the payment without three parties, they still need a supervision or a counterbalance.  And in the case study of fish, I could understand how blockchains make sense in every link of the whole system, it is more than double-win, is multiple winning. It is a great information system design. How to keep such a system into the dynamic changing? And I also confused on is blockchains a kind of open data?




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