DGGB Challenges present

We are facing the challenge: All existing telecommunication networks are down. A message needs to be delivered from ITP, 721 Broadway, to UNICEF HQ, 3 UNPlaza, in under 15 minutes. How can you make sure it reaches its destination?

We come up with more than 40 ideas and divided them into different categories.

But there are three solutions we think which are the most practical idea.

  1. Biking – the most realistic as most people have a bike, and is easy to guide. On Google Maps, it says that it takes 19 minutes to bike from ITP to the UNICEF HQ, so we figured that 19 minutes could become 15 minutes if we biked really fast.
  2. Drones – as we have read in our readings, Drones are relatively cheap (and becoming cheaper) to deliver packages, and thus it would be an efficient to use in this circumstance. However, it would have to be used with a remote control if the GPS is down.
  3. Walkie Talkie’s – If we were delivering a message, and NOT a package, walkie talkie’s can be used without relying on Telecomm existent infrastructure. It’s important to also note that this would mean that both ITP and UNICEF HQ have walkie talkies.

We want to challenge ourselves more than the challenge call for, what if we are trapped in a bad environment, such as flood, earthquake. When we got the solution could make sense in extreme environment, it could make sense in any situation.

We also make the bike idea into practice, Kenzo has succeeded within 15 mins.

We also learn from it that:

  1. It was hard to come up with a nuanced solution to a pretty straightforward challenge
  2. Difficult to test most of the solutions
  3. Laws & regulations are a factor in most potential solutions


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