DGGB Final Proposal

  • The big problem

Hard for children in the extreme area have access to learning

source: https://www.unicef.org/sowc2016/

  • The specific problem
  1. have to work support their family
  2. cannot afford education cost
  3. don’t have access to education resource
  1. the entire environment without the awareness of education
  2. the born family without the awareness of education
  • The nearest issue happen with me

         My roommates’ hometown



        This brother has not seen their parent more than three years, they want to have the opportunity to sanitation man in their parent’s workplace.

  • existed solution
  1. government support

 “Teach For China” volunteer teacher from big city


2.primary school for children whose parent works in the big city coming from the rural area.

  • If I could use 1B$

First, in my research, the original problem instead in children,  track back to their parent. They don’t have the capability to make their children access to education.So maybe I will focus on the primary school’s policy, cost and entrance opportunity for children whose parent works in the big city coming from the rural area. I want to do the data analysis to figure out where to build primary school.

Second, the education content is a big issue too. I need my research, maybe children in the rural area have no need to learn the traditional sense of education. They need the education in typical area to make their life better and to make their family into a healthy life circle.

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