DGGB Big problem

Last two weeks, I focused on the immigration children who can not get access to education. I turn my direction this week for two reasons: First, for this class, it is impossible for me to get touch with these children which means I cannot really know my user; Second, my teammates, they have worked together for several works and done a lot of research on the learning itself.

So this week, I trans my focus to the Early Children Education and School Readiness. It is an important period in developing children’s cognitive, language, emotional and social skills

Source: https://www.unicef.org/education/bege_61627.html


From the content, I learn that the readiness should contain:

1.strong foundation in language

2.early literacy and numeracy

3.social and emotional skills required for learning it contains four groups:

It contains four groups(the feature with them):



3. school

4. community

And in this circle, they share differents role in the school readiness. But I still cannot give the big problem because I don’t know if I need a collaborative work in this circle or separate work towards one group people. Maybe now I only can say my big problem is to help children be school readiness more sufficiently.

Last year, I was working on a project about children education. I did plenty of children education. In my research, early education is the theme: survive, we should focus more on the nature of human rather than the technology things or the urban stuff.

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