ICM Final

This is a combination effect of Yihan and I. The idea is use the mobile itself as the human behaviour holder such as use  finger as the thing to clean the pan, use  cellphone as the pan to fry egg, use the cellphone as the pepper bottle to shake out peppers and use the cellphone…

ICM_Week 8

This is a API week. I use the weather api and make a harmonograph weather in which the variable of curve will change as the weather change.

ICM_Final proposal

About final I am interested in writing pattern.  Using different moving algorithm and the most simple geometry shape  create different motion pattern.  In my final project, I want to use pattern dealing with pictures to create a special kind of picture glitch. I will do my final project with yihan for that we have the same idea about…

ICM Week_7

This week I start to learn about the combination of HTML,CSS and JS. There is a looooot of fresh information for me .I wish that I can handle them step by step.      

ICM week_5

This week I learn to create array. Drawing object and array  is a logical thinking change to me, anyway I like writing P5.  

ICM week_4

This week I try to make the object and the array. The hardest part for me is to get familiar with this coding way. I have tried serial times to adjust to it. Last week I have made an universe shining stars run around the sun and I still want more stars running in a…

ICM Week_3

This week I work with my parter Sean and though a series of discussion we have decided to make a “Universe” And I am in charge of the solar system ,obit and some kind of abstract star,Sean take charge of the concrete planets.(my part) https://alpha.editor.p5js.org/full/rkKAObu6   (To be continued_ combine with Sean)  

ICM week_2

This week I focus on variable: random, moving with mouse and circle change. When I handled with my homework I found that a circle change comes with the”if” action always. This week I made a Face Show, an interesting face change. In daily life, communication comes with face change, a tiny facial expression could convey…

ICM week_1

In Mcluhan’s theory, media is a kind of extend of human and it  has a deep influence on me. The first week ICM is the first time I meet with computing media. The interaction and connection between human and computing makes me better understand the Mcluhan’s media theory. Indeed, though computing media, human’s feeling ,emotion…