WOW_week 2

Created by Chester, Danni and Yuqiao in Unreal

SMMM_ Body architecture

This week’s class we grouped up as 3 and played around each other’s body architecture and texture.  Body Architecture Architecture1 Yuhan uses various connections between joints to create body architecture. The first play she showed us not only the structure but also the depth map in which we could see our actual body. Danni and…

One day

I want to create an app named “One day”, which is basically an information push application based on time differences, generating music, video, reading and interests(news) with the content length within 3 mins. I basically divided one day into several particles, morning time, busy working time, before bedtime, or maybe, some toilet time, subway time, etc….

How to define the real and fake

In <F for Fake> I could feel the dialectical thinking behind the story itself about how to define the value and real. In this movie, the art forger Elmer, a genius, and the rogue, making the fake art pieces but showing individual talent.So what is the boundary between fake and real? In some degree, the…

Senior design_week 6

This week is the making week. We make user flow, prototype and interface mockups, then bring these back to the senior center and show to seniors to get feedback.  

ICM week_8

This week I try to use API to do the interaction.

Pcom Week_2

This week seems hard for that all electronic items are unfamiliar to me. I followed the instruction of Arduino kit and the video and tried my best to get familiar with these elements. I even reviewed some high school physical knowledge… anyway I connected the Arduino with breadboard and lightened a LED successfully. I figured…